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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

C'mon now we have to admit they're likely keeping Rogue under wraps. She wasn't in the teaser and we get a ton of promo pics and she's missing. Her and Colossus are the only ones missing from the new promo stuff (of the bigger returning characters). That is very suspicious and it must be deliberate.

I'm waiting to see what we get in the trailer. It's possible she does have a M on her face and that could be the reason for her lack of material. Or because she doesn't have a black suit. I don't know, I just know her lack of stuff is getting conspicuous now. I hope it's because they want to really show her off in the full trailer. But I'm prepared for more possible secrecy.

That Iceman and Kitty pic absolutely yells 'intimate' and 'romantic'. That look and body language doesn't say friendship or strategy to me. I could be wrong but it does feel like they are throwing the idea of Kitty/Iceman at our heads. I think they may well be a couple in DOFP.

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