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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
That's an extremely broad generalization. There are plenty of members of the Superman fanbase that have never said such a thing. In fact, there a plenty of members who would argue the opposite.
Yes, of course I'm making generalization, unless you want me to delineate the view of every individual fan, one by one.

The generalization of the fanbases' reaction to SR is quite representative, not of everybody but of a significant number of people. A lot of people have said it's a bad movie because he doesn't land a single punch, look up some reviews online and some subsequent analysis, or better yet:

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
And I'm not sure the fanbase is saying mos was a 'bad movie because he killed'. By fanbase I assume you mean superman fans and not the GA?

Like you said there are other problems, so I'm curious where you derived these conclusions other than the sentiments of a few, loud(like waid) or others.
It was a huge controversy in the weeks following the release and the number one thing talked about in general news outlets. It was the first plotline I found out about prior to reading the movie, even though I tried to avoid spoilers. For me, anyway, that's unfortunate, as I don't think it's the most impactful decision made in the writing process. I think it would be a very similar movie if Zod had just fallen into the phantom zone.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Moreover, weren't you going on about how wb(goyer/snyder specifically) probably won't take the criticism but rather just do what they want(maybe that was tobias).
I'm not sure on the exact process as to how GA reactions percolate in, but I'm pretty sure they do and we often see movies that are responses to the reactions to previous films.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
one difference between returns and mos is the basic superman tropes of old such as the daily planet stuff, costume changes and excuses, luthor, a superman that waved to people..etc. This stuff puts returns in a more 'superman film' category than returns which simply chose to go in a fresh, prequelesque route. I think some people that want to see that 'stuff' may have been put off by this non superman film which might have lead to some of the criticism about some stuff missing. I see that changed next time around. When someone said the fun was missing, I suspect at least some of that has to do with no classic shirt rip or things of that sort.

All that being said, I personally think this team has a way with sequels.
There are plenty of Superman tropes and fan-service scenes in MoS, as there should be, and this movie would be a lot worse if Goyer had inserted every possible trope in a 2 hour movie.

Die hard superman fans got to see:
- Keel-ex in live action for the first time;
- Jor-El and Zod wear nonsensical suits that "look cool";
- the fortress of solitude;
- Flying treated as the most significant superpower, it's the power he learns right after meeting Jor-El, and it's the first power he shows off when meeting General Swanwick;
- The ending scene at the Daily Planet;
- The entire Lois and Clark relationship;
- Lois kind of naming Superman;
- Adult Clark wearing glasses;

There are plenty of Superman tropes in MoS, I think that whatever subset of tropes had been included there would have been some complaints that it was the wrong ones, and I'm not particularly caring about things like the shirt rip or the glasses.

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