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Default Re: ** TEASER TRAILER Thread - Countdown: Tuesday 29! [First snippet!]

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
No I just mean if you are trying to get a big audience you show off the people they first watched and then gradually introduce new characters. They are the some of the biggest names in hollywood which is why they are in the teaser, I know anna is famous but still not on the level of hugh and halle. to me it just makes sense to have the big names in the teaser as its just to create buzz for the film
Thats right! And as for the new characters, Bolivar Trask has a lot of exposure with the rival site and there's a new picture of him. And i'm pretty sure that FOX will showcase the new characters in the trailer like what they did in the CC footage and seeing FOX's marketing for the previous X-Men movies, they will bombard the TV spots/upcoming trailers with power displays from different mutants. It won't always be Prof X/Mystique/Wolverine/Beast/Magneto.

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