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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mystique's Leg View Post
I keep my expectations in check and hope she's just important to the plot. It would be cool to see her flying right into a sentinel, but I expect her to only absorb Magneto's powers (as a throwback to X1) to crush a sentinel from a distance to have a little moment of action. Moreover, she did have a nice development as a character in X1 and X2. It felt right and by X3 she should've become more like the 'southern gal' she is in the comics. It came to a halt by taking the cure, instead of going on and truely accept her powers. Let's hope DOFP will fix this a little bit.
I honestly don't think she'll be doing any flying in DOFP. It's not the right time for it. I hope she does get a fight scene but I just don't believe it will be with her old comic powers. She can still use her absorption ones to good effect though. Mixing Magneto's and Iceman's powers would cause some damage.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I think she probably appearing later in the movie will keep us more intrigued during the movie, because we'll all know she is in the movie and she may appear at any time, so I guess its a smart decision.

She's an iconic character from the comics, so to keep her for a later appearance is a suspense/surprise factor.
It's possible we may see her earlier. It looks like Professor X has a mini Cerebro these days so he might do a scene where he's scanning around for mutants and we get a glimpse of Rogue in the internment camp. It's looking certain that's where she is at the start of the plot. But it could be we don't see her until they decide to go and get her for whatever reason. And as there was no sign of Logan in the clip of her then it must be after he's already gone to 1973.

It does feel like she will come into everything later on. I'm okay with that so long as she's used well when she arrives.

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