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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
The funny thing is that "The Superman you know and love" is not described as "Donner Superman" or "Reeve Superman".
When you have a point to make(to fans in particular) why miss out on the opportunity to use suggestive/manipulative epithets.
Moreover, donner superman I suppose would be a bad example here, for obvious reasons.
Lastly, I suppose not everyone is enamored with the Donner superman, he can make a greater point with the epithets.

Your point isn't lost on me, but those three elements just outlined are what they are.

A movie about a man learning to be Superman will finally get the GA invested in the premise, while at the same time piss off people that want what they want. If only the latter group showed up for the last movie.
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