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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

i reckon they will do the 3rd FC movie first, because its a prequel to the new timeline so they are setting that up and the new future will be left open questioned in some form or another by the end of DOFP in terms of whats changed, and it gives another FC film more relevance then doing an apocalypse story then going back to prequel again

as for the cast aging and FOX... they don't care, they are making X-force next, the cast ages mean nothing to FOX, its obvious the moment they decided to branch out into origins that they didn't care that the cast were aging, fox would bring rogue back in her 50s and they wouldn't be phased by it, i honestly tell you now no one at fox is biting their nails worrying about the cast aging

Paramount have a gold mine with the indiana jones franchise for example, last one made $786,636,033 in 2008, but Harrison Ford is aging and he is still aging (71), but paramount will make another given the chance, its not there job to care about that stuff its the writers and director job to make it work

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