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I liked SM: Reign. I have an idea how they could take inspiration from it,
The Amazing Spider-Man 3
During a battle between SM and GG, Gwen is thrown off the bridge. Spidey saves her, however she somehow gets injured.

In the hospital it is revealed that she is dying. She tells Peter that she has "only untill the rain stops". However there is a shooting outside and Spider-Man attends it. When he gets back it has stopped raining and he finds her corpse lying there lifeless, with a note beside her addressed to him. It reads:
Dear Peter,
If you are reading this I am dead and we did not speak. I do not regret the life I lived or us meeting. I have always loved both you and Spider-Man. I hope my death does not destroy you, I love you and want you to be happy in life. You will never be happy as long as you are Spider-Man. My dying wish is that you give it up, it has only and will only bring you pain in your life.
Love you, now and always,

As you can see I have incorporated Reign in her death. I also want Gwen's death to have a huge impact on his life as Spider-Man just as much as it does on his personal life. If Spidey ever gives up she should be the reason for it.

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