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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Well a movie being good or bad is entirely within the individuals perspective. As far as I'm concerned a movie like The Thin Red Line is horrible(and what clued me into not ever being a Terrence Malick fan). But if others liked it then good for them. At least someone got something out of that pretentious snooze-fest. Never saw The Road, though I want to. Now Schindler's List I like and that's not one I rewatch much, but I can rewatch it. I enjoy certain aspects of it that help get me through the film. But while that may be high art or whatever as far as I'm concerned a simple comedy like Dumb and Dumber which is much more enjoyable is therefore IMO the better film. Subject matter/concept may be the #1 thing that gets me to initially watch a film but it doesn't factor into how well I like it much at all. How much I enjoyed a movie is and always will be my #1 ultimate standard. It's entertainment value, pure and simple.
My point is that I can think that a very depressing movie is great. It really makes me feel something and gives me a unique experience. I'm not going to feel up for feeling bad as often as I'm going to be up for a good laugh or an entertaining ride though.

Therefor I can rewatch a good "fun" movie more often than I will a more emotionally taxing, but great, movie. That doesn't necessarily mean I get less mileage out of the latter though since it will likely be more thought-provoking so I'll spend more time thinking about that than I will on the fun ride.

It's like food. Normal everyday food can be tasty but I'm going to enjoy a really well prepared meal better. That doesn't mean that I will feel up to advanced cooking every day.

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