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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
A movie being depressing doesn't ipso facto make it not enjoyable. Sometimes I like being disturbed just to have a new sensation. But I don't think a boring movie I can ever call good.
That was exactly what I said, that a depressing movie can be great. I just don't feel like having a depressing experience as often as I want to have a fun ride so that's why the fun ride is likely to get rewatched more often even if it's a worse movie.

Some movies are more demanding of you as a viewer and I think that can be very rewarding, but there are fewer times I will be up for those as I won't watch demanding movies when I'm tired, distracted etc. A movie that's just fun and entertaining can pretty much be watched at any time.

So there's many other factors than how good a movie is that affect how often I rewatch it, which was the original point.

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