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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
To be honest, I think that it will indeed stay in the 80's because even though we only have 15 reviews on RT at the moment and there are usually about 150-200 to go, so obviously it could change drastically, but I really do think it could stay low 80's or AT LEAST 78/79%.

So far, the main UK fan sites like Empire, TotalFilm, SFX, Sci-Fi Now, HeyUGuys all seem to really dig the film ALL giving it 4/5 stars, and we've still got all the American fan sites yet to review such as Collider, Joblo, ScreenRant, ComingSoon, CinemaBlend, HitFix etc and I'm sure they will give it high scores too because they have similar tastes to the UK fan sites. (IGN so far is the only 'fan' site that gave a 6.8 and didn't quite dig it as much as the sites I mentioned above, but even a 6.8 is still a 3.5/5)

It's probably only going to be the newspaper 'cranky' critic sites that probably might drop the RT score like with most comic book films, but even the UK newspaper sites are still giving it on average a 3/5 which is still good, and there aren't many 2/5 as well.
I have a feeling that you're right, I guess time will tell.

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