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Default My Ooak Catwoman Dolls and customs (PIC HEAVY)

I have been playing with new materials and trying my hand at making a few Catwoman customs!
So far I have made 3 dolls and 2 figures! This one here is my latest (and favorite) attempt. I started with a Monster High doll. I made the costume from vynl and faux leather )
Let me tell you something... sewing with vynl at this scar is not easy! It was challenging and very unforgiving but I think it was worth the struggles in the end!

I still need to paint her eyes

This is my 2nd attempt. I like the costume but the doll was a poor base choice. I was being cheep and trying to use one I already had lying around instead of piping for a new doll!

This one here is the first one I made and was really just an experiment.
I wanted to try something more simple to get the hang of sewing at such a small scale!

Here is a production shot

Here are a few pics of my 6 inch customs. I wanted to have a 6 inch representation of every cat woman on film (Yes even Halle Berry's atrocity...)

Thanks for looking!

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