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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

I think FOX is gonna wait to see how DOFP will do at the box-office first, before they finally decide WHICH film they are gonna make. Then when DOFP goes big at the opening weekend, I expect an announcement about the 8th X-Men film after that. Just like what happened when Origins: Wolverine got 80 million in 2009.

My issue with X-Force is it won't fully benefit from DOFP's success simply none of the lead characters of DOFP will headline X-Force and the writers said, the 5 protagonists of X-Force are the ones we haven't seen in the X-Mansion. FOX will have a harder time marketing a X-Force movie than a straight-up sequel to DOFP like X-Men 5.

And about a reboot, its foolish to think that its the next step after DOFP. For the first time since X3, X-Men is once again getting a lot of buzz, 1 year before the next film's release. No way, FOX is gonna make this as the last movie of the series.

And yes, it would be cluster#&@ for the general audience if one film is set in the past/80s and one film is set in the modern-day world.

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