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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
If WB decide that Arrow and Flash series are separate from the DC movies-verse, then I wouldn't mind occasional Brandon Routh as Clark Kent (and Superman) cameo in Flash.

But they would really need to make this as a separate interpretation not connected to either SR, MOS, and Donner movies. Design a new suit.
I think it would be flippin sweet to have Routh return as Clark/Superman for at least the small screen!

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Yep, a flaw of one seems to be something good about the other and vice-versa, put together they would probably make the perfect Superman movie. Though MOS sets up sequels much better than SR did, though I still love SR.
Yeah MOS is oozing with sequel potential, I think the best part of the film is the way it ends with Clark in the Daily Planet. It made me so giddy!

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
I heard from one person that they saw SR and MOS were on opposite ends of the spectrum: SR was substance over style, and MOS was style over substance. While I agree with that statement, I don't think MOS suffers from it compared to SR. MOS was fun and I wanted to see it more, and want to know what will happen next (moreso, because of Justice League), whereas with SR I got bored after viewing it for the second time; I only knew one way to go with SR2, but over time I didn't care anymore.

That statement; I want to happen concerning MOS2.
Yeah I can see that. Although I think MOS did have good substance elements, it just wasn't (and I'm not sure how to word it to where it makes sense out loud) together. It was kinda randomly placed here and there but wasn't complete. I suppose it might be the same for style when it comes to Returns. I don't find SR boring but I can see why others would see it that way. I view it as the Donnerverse Superman III.

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