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Default Re: ** TEASER TRAILER Thread - Countdown: Tuesday 29! [First snippet!]

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
in my case, it gave me a frustration, because honestly I didnt see anything I wanted to see, and didnt even liked the stuff they showed.

And I saw I wasnt the only one, I read comments of people saying that it was more of the same (previous movies) and I totally agree. Same characters as original trilogy, just with the younger actors. But... what about the real new/fresh stuff?

neither the snippet or the 12 stills have showed a new character. So this is why some fans didnt feel anything at all (and I read that on a spanish boart too)
I can understand what you are saying. So far, it has all been about familiar faces.

There weren't any new characters, and not much action, but it was a good set-up for the story.

In contrast, the Captain America teaser was action-packed and created a sense of excitement on a pretty epic scale, but I can't even remember what the story is about.

I'm still very excited about DoFP (I am an X maniac after all) and I hope they do show some dynamic, exciting footage and introduce the new characters as we move towards the release date.

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