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Default Re: X-Men First Class v.s Captain America TFA

X-Men: First Class. It is a stylish, witty and exceedingly entertaining movie that works from beginning to end. Is the villain's plot a little asinine and is it overstuffed with background characters that don't really do anything? Yes, but the first is something I could accuse most MCU of and the latter is simply a facet of the X-Men universe as a whole.

Still, the elements that work--Xavier and Magneto's friendship, Xavier and Mystique's sibling relationship, the '60s style, Taggort, the Cuban Missile Crisis backdrop, the ending, the Logan cameo, etc.--is right on the money every time. I feel like the casting is top notch (other than January Jones) and the movie proves that Matthew Vaughn is consistently one of the most underrated "blockbuster" directors working. I'd much rather they had given him Star Wars over JJ Abrams, but c'est la vie.

Captain America to me is a bland movie with a fun pulpy heart...for the first 60 minutes. I like Evans in the role and the rest of the cast is fine, but around the 60 minute mark (when Cap gets his official costume after rescuing Bucky and Co. from Hydra), it goes downhill real fast. It quits being a film about the origin of Captain America and instead becomes about Captain America Joins The Avengers. Honestly, the movie would have worked better if it stayed all in WWII, but the Marvel marketing strategy of having them all team-up certainly hurt this film, as the plot literally stops halfway through to turn it into a commercial for the next movie. And Red Skull sucked. Plus, let's not get into its refusal to make Nazis the bad guys or pretending the U.S. military was intergrated during WWII.

So, First Class by a country mile.

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