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Default Re: X-Men First Class v.s Captain America TFA

I disagree with you on Captain America, the movie was entirely in WW2 with the exception of the last five minutes. You can't say the whole second half was just a commercial for The Avengers, Cap fought his enemy and resolved his first story, and at the end they -teased- the Avengers.

I think First Class was the best X movie since X-Men United, but I haven't yet watched it again. I have the Blu-Ray so I probably should, I recall it made a few of the mistakes X3 did with unnecessary characters, I loved the ending but was disappointed in how they went about a few minor details. The disregard for continuity was a let down as well considering the opportunities available, but I enjoyed the original story the set out to tell. I'll have to pop it in to be sure, but at this point I would give it Captain America.

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