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Default Re: X-Men First Class v.s Captain America TFA

Originally Posted by OcStat View Post
I disagree with you on Captain America, the movie was entirely in WW2 with the exception of the last five minutes. You can't say the whole second half was just a commercial for The Avengers, Cap fought his enemy and resolved his first story, and at the end they -teased- the Avengers.

I think First Class was the best X movie since X-Men United, but I haven't yet watched it again. I have the Blu-Ray so I probably should, I recall it made a few of the mistakes X3 did with unnecessary characters, I loved the ending but was disappointed in how they went about a few minor details. The disregard for continuity was a let down as well considering the opportunities available, but I enjoyed the original story the set out to tell. I'll have to pop it in to be sure, but at this point I would give it Captain America.
I stand firmly by it being an Avengers commercial, because they threw the entire plot out of the movie at the 1-hour mark as it became a rush to the finish line to make sure that Cap was lined up for Avengers. The film literally went from "We will meet again one day Mr. Rogers," with Red Skull type villainy to "We have now almost defeated Hydra!" in the span of five minutes. The only mission glimpsed in those five minutes was the death of Bucky, which again felt rushed and half-assed simply to better set-up Captain America 2 down the road.

I'll put it another way: Cap's entire mythic legend of being the symbol for the Allies happens OFF-SCREEN. He goes from Zero to Hero just like that (pardon the Disney pun). Honestly, it should have been two films. So much was gloosed over or skipped to line up with the Avengers that the naturally building plot stops dead for a "Best of" compilation. It is lazy and poorly told.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Kinda like comparing apples to oranges, isn't it?
Is it really? They're both superhero movies that came out in 2011 and were rated PG-13 meant for mass market appeal set in period piece eras. It is more like comparing a Granny Apple to a Macintosh. It sticks.

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