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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
That Forrest fight is still worth the price of admission to ROTF imo. Best bot battle in the series. All down hill from there though.
For me, its the best battle in a comic book movie, everything I have ever wanted to see from Prime in a movie about the Transformers. The rest of the movie doesnt live up of course, but that moment is golden. I also think Bumblebee's fight with Rampage and also Ravage is a great little fight scene that doesnt get enough love.

ROTF is a strange one, it has the best battles of the series, yet is the worst movie.

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
Someone over on TFW2005 has posted a thread with some simple Cgi images of AoE Prime... With one shot including both new look Bee and Grimlock... One shot of Prime has mention of a licensing expo,
Yeah the new Prime looks great, different yet similar enough to know its the same character. Bumblebee and Grimlock look great as well.

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
It appears that someone may have recorded part of the final scene of the movie.... Complete with dialogue from a TF... Which, if true, is a huge spoiler....
If the translations are true, it means Optimus will be leaving Earth at the end of AoE with the rest of the Autobots staying to protect the main family , not sure if i like that, but something similar happened in a recent comic arc and Bumblebee became the new leader of the Autobots as Optimus handed himself in to the humans as a prisoner .

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