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Default Re: Thor Dark World Score, Is Patrick Doyle coming back?

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
Amazon gave me a free MP3 of the album for pre-ordering the CD.

Patrick Doyle is one of my heroes and I was gutted to hear he wasn't coming back, but Tyler's score kicks all kinds of ass. This is far better than IM3 which I liked very much.

Thor was about a God learning humility and that's reflected very much in his lovely theme. The Dark World is presumably about Thor grossing galaxies and kicking ass and Tyler's theme conveys that very, very well.

This score is HUGE. Like it makes all the other MCU seem tiny in comparison.

Tyler won me over big time with this one.
Thanks for giving your thoughts on the score, it sure sounds promising. I listened to a handful of the samples and while Tyler didn't reuse anything I felt like the first track still was very much in spirit of one of the two most memorable themes from the first one.

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