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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by The Original Bamfer View Post
Until you see the 1973 portion - then you may find that more interesting.
I might, but I doubt it. I know what interests me more.

The 1973 portions won't "suck", or be anywhere close to "bad". As I've said, X-Men: First Class very well might be my favorite film in the series.

In light of that, I still prefer the main trilogy version of the characters - the actors, the character selection itself, the portrayals of those characters, etc.

Even with First Class being my favorite movie, that aspect of the movie is still something that minorly holds it back for me. Keyword "minorly".

I never developed the same attachment to the First Class portrayal of the X-Men like so many others here did. To me, the main trilogy is the more "iconic" portrayal of the X-Men. First Class is great, and in many ways captures the essence in ways that the main trilogy didn't, but for me it also lacks that essence in many other ways.

I'd be hyped for a new X-Men movie regardless of if it was First Class cast, or main trilogy cast, but my hype for this movie is even more so because of the involvement of the main trilogy cast in a future setting where Sentinels have taken over. Which is basically what I've wanted in this series with X-Men 3 and didn't get. So in other words, this movie is going to be the movie that I wanted X-Men 3 to be.

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