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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
no one said there wouldn't be an X4 or 5, but when you have mcavoy state it at least twice, once infront of Singer,stewart and mckellen you kinda have to think there are going more towards a final FC movie, jackman has said he dunno if he will be back which is kinda odd, page has said she enjoyed playing the character and would like to do it again but hasn't spoken like she is sure it will happen

again if page was doing what mcavoy is doing... it would be taken as fact coming from her

i do think there will be another OT film, but in the end its the same universe, maybe they will do another timeline film if this one does really well, just more like the original plan (godfather 2), but happy thoughts people, sentinels, timetravel, days of future past!! 2 days till trailer!
I don't see what Page has to do with anything If the producers and Anna's words aren't a valid enough reason to accept a OT sequel is a definite possibility then I don't know what is. Anna said about being up for Gambit and wanting Rogue to finally fly all in front of Singer and I didn't see him saying that DOFP was the last movie for her so it won't happen. In fact he said all possibilities are being explored for future movies. Donner said sequels to both timelines are being looked at. That's good enough confirmation of a possible sequel for me.

They'd be fools not to do one, it's guaranteed money in the bank. These characters are iconic and the actors playing them are as well. It may not happen but it has more of a chance of happening than not.

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