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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by xDOFPx View Post
They won't be glorified cameos. I think that has been made quite clear. I don't think 40 minutes is all they'll get either. I reckon more in line of 45-50 minutes as there's too many future characters to fit into 40 minutes or less. You can't fit all that plot into that little time.

They can't give essentially six characters 1.5 hrs of the movies and relegate the vast future cast to like two minutes screen time each. It doesn't work if it's too much past and not enough future. If is turns out that way it will be disappointing as I think it will take away from what the movie should have been. The future scenes are essential to bring the tone and real excitement.
You do realize that there are TV Shows that can pack whole or even half of a whole plot arc in a 40 minute time frame, right? So 40 minutes might even be a bit generous, considering that all you'd need to establish the tone and bleakness of the future would be a few minutes to introduce the characters, basic plot elements, and the initial plan to change things. See the original Terminator movie. Very little dabbling in the future outside of establishing the framework of the time travel, Reese's goal of coming back, and the threat that was current chasing Sarah. It could just be my opinion, but I think that the tone and excitement of the film wasn't primarily held in those few scenes but in the bulk of the film that regarded the "past".

Also, extended cameos even for the new mutants they are showing wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility just for the sheer amount of people and potential plot they are dealing with. Nevermind the fact that the franchise is still very much in Wolverine's claws and how you have to service the Charles/Erik dynamic and the budding importance of Mystique in all of this. Toss in additional scenes like Alex's war scene(s), Young Charles/Erik interactions, as well as the antagonist perspective and it really doesn't leave much for the Original cast to do it seems. Unless the movie is going to be longer than we all think.

Then again, this is all just assumption on my part.

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