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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

People want to see the OT characters, not because it serves the story, but because they love those guys. And that's not realistically fair to the source material. There has never in the history of the comics/cartoons been any version of DoFP where the future aspect is the primary focus. It's there to move the plot along, and nothing more. Not saying the future part of this movie isn't in any way important, but it should never take presidence.

If First Class never happened, and this movie was instead an X4, where those who were left at the end of X3 were suddenly visited by a character from the future, would anyone be clamoring to see MORE of said future? Probably not. But because of the nature of how this series worked itself out, with two film casts being used, people want to see "more" of that future. And by all accounts we are, at least more than what would usually be shown in this storyline, but it's not going to pull focus in any way. The casting sides and filming schedule prove this.

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