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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by JP View Post
People want to see the OT characters, not because it serves the story, but because they love those guys. And that's not realistically fair to the source material. There has never in the history of the comics/cartoons been any version of DoFP where the future aspect is the primary focus. It's there to move the plot along, and nothing more. Not saying the future part of this movie isn't in any way important, but it should never take presidence.

If First Class never happened, and this movie was instead an X4, where those who were left at the end of X3 were suddenly visited by a character from the future, would anyone be clamoring to see MORE of said future? Probably not. But because of the nature of how this series worked itself out, with two film casts being used, people want to see "more" of that future. And by all accounts we are, at least more than what would usually be shown in this storyline, but it's not going to pull focus in any way. The casting sides and filming schedule prove this.
True, and my preferences aside, the First Class cast -should- be the focus. The "past" (rather present) is the focus in the comics, and the cartoons, and should be in the movies as well.

But in the comics, the future setting does play a rather significant role, and should in the film as well. It's not the primary, no. The primary focus is on trying to prevent the assassination attempt. And that shouldn't change. But the future mission of Storm, Logan, Colossus, etc... trying to infiltrate the Sentinel main base of operations is rather key. I doubt it plays out identical to the books, but the film will seemingly have raids on internment camps to break out mutants like Rogue, as well as however they come across Bishop, Blink, Warpath and Sunspot and go into the past. We see the action shots involving Storm, and there's an explosion in the temple in the leaked trailer, which I would assume is a Sentinel attack on the temple and they have to find a way to protect Logan.

You are correct when you say that the future shouldn't be the main focus, but I also believe they should be more than just glorified cameos as well. I have hope that they will be. But if the future ends up being more in line with the future sequences in the Terminator movies, I'm going to be severely disappointed.

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