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Default Re: Your honest rating for X3 if Prof. X and Cyclops had not died

It's a good thing X-3 showed so many different mutants.I have always loved when many mutants and their powers are shown.That was my biggest complaint with The Wolverine.The thing I like about X-Men is it has so many different characters unlike Spidey/Bats.The Wolverine should have had many mutants(not too powerful) trying to kill Wolverine and Wolverine battling with them.

Even though Origins wasn't good,I loved the fact it showcased many characters such as Blob,Gambit,Deadpool(initially),a young Cyclops,Silverfox,Bradley,Agent Zero,the younger Emma Frost and a cameo from Charles Xavier.On the other hand,The Wolverine had just Yukio(her powers weren't greatly shown),Viper and Jean.

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