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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
I'm of the belief that everyone gets killed at the temple. Wolverine is smuggled in there for the mind procedure. Sentinels attack. Halle sacrifices herself, explaining why she had to be on wires and why her role was curtailed. Collosus probably sacrifices himself. Rogue gets kidnapped. Maybe Iceman and Kitty are the only people that remain, together with the new characters. It will basically be a young mutant show in the future, even though Kitty, Bobby, and the rest of that crew are adults now. Of course Magneto/Xavier will be directing things, but that will be that. When Logan's mind returns, I could see an altered timeline where Storm/Cyke/Jean are back. 50/50.
I think the temple Is headquarters of the mutants.And my belief Is you won't see much devolpment of new mutants or Colossus.Outside of Xavier,Magneto,Wolverine,Storm,Kitty,Iceman,and rogue Bishop probally has most screentime In future.

I agree storm Is probally going to sacrifice herself when sentinles find temple.During that attack will probally be how kitty Is injured requiring them to find Rogue.

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