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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Actually, it's a much longer fomat than the original comic and TAS episodes.
I'm talking about the comics. Cartoons couldn't have a lot of the future scenes as they had to cram everything into a couple of episodes. The movie is a shorter format than the comics, but longer than the cartoon. They can allow for more balance than the cartoons and they can do it differently to the comics. Something that would be more fitting to a movie format.

They can, should and probably will have more of a balance than some of you are expecting. The OT cast filmed for 6 weeks of the around 4 month shoot. That doesn't equate to less than 40 minutes of screen time. Just because they say the majority of the scenes are in the past doesn't mean that makes the futures portion small. It can't be small with that many characters and the fact they've basically confirmed the action will flick back and forth. No-one is denying the past will be the biggest part of the story, but the future is important also.

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