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Default Re: Rank the Superman films

I believe there has been many flaws with the Superman films. None of them have really delivered the whole package or at least most of it.

Man of Steel - I just can't watch another Superman film the same after seeing MOS.

Superman 2

Superman The Movie - I'm surprised that this film is this low for me. But after watching recent comic films and recently MOS, I'm not show what the film was about. I sensed no struggle from Clark or Superman.

Superman vs the Elite - I like this film only for the lesson it provides. But this is a narrow version of Superman. And a bit extreme in terms of trying to remain the boy scout status.

Superman Returns - This film just wanders on and on until it ends. It has a story that makes sense but it was boring, unoriginal, wooden characters all over. No real emotion.

Superman 3 /4

All Star Superman - Don't like it.

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