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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

First question

FB fan Vlad Micu asks: “How was it to bring the cast of the original X-Men and the cast of X-Men First Class together in the same Movie?

Answer: Awesome, and slightly intimidating.

#AskSinger #XMen was it challenging working with such a big varying cast?

I was real comfortable with the original cast and knew the #FirstClass cast as a writer/producer but not yet as a director.

With the exception of @NicholasHoult of course -- but they were all fantastic and made the experience fun.

“What was the funniest moment on set with the entire cast?” --from Daniel Long on Facebook

In between shooting a serious scene on Xavier's private jet, Michael, Nick, Hugh and James dancing to #BlurredLines #IHaveTheFootage

How does this movie make itself new and fresh, while still keeping the traditional feeling we all loved from the previous movies?#AskSinger

It's all in the cast. They are great actors who know their characters - who know how to bring them to life.

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