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Default Re: Who Should Be The Big Bad In Thor 3?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
I think it's a disservice to Enchantress to say she's not as threatening as a fiery monsters because in some ways he can be even MORE threatening.

She can practically brainwash any Earth-dweller to do her will including the president, army generals, powerful meta-humans, super-villains, etc.

and it's very hard to say what Marvel Studio might do next. If, last year, I told you IM3 would have a super-powered Pepper Potts saving the day I would've been laughed off the internet.
Yes she can do all these things to HUMANS but in The Guardian realms she's nowhere near as threatening and she can't possibly bring about Ragnarock. If she were to be a villain in any film it should've been Thor:TDW, because I just have a feeling Thor 3 is going to have bonafide world ender as the main villian.

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