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Default Re: BvS villain poll

I think it would be cool if both Lex and the Joker (off-screen) were secretly each responsible for the events of the movie behind the scenes (revealed at the end of the movie).

Perhaps Lex secretly programs Metallo/Bizarro/Cyborg-Superman to attack Metropolis but with the ability to shut it down on command (for when he goes and "saves the day" in his battle suit).

However, the programming 'malfunctions' allowing it to regain its free will (and not being able to shut down on Lex's command), and Lex wusses out; thus Superman is required to save the day.

Have it hinted at the end why the programming malfunctioned when Lex finds a Joker card on his computer (suggesting that the Joker sabotaged things, simply to cause chaos, showing the difference between Joker and Lex).

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