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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Man-of-Tomorrow View Post
Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman was great, Batfreak.
It talks about the goals and the themes the filmmakers were working with when developing each of the major characters and locations. They talk about Superman, the Kents, the House of El, Zod, Krypton in general (there is a lot about Krypton), and the final clash between Superman and Zod.
I love it.

On another note: I'm interesting in picking up the Hot Toys Superman (MoS, obviously). The release date says Q1 2014. To those of you who have experience with Hot Toys: when is that really? Any time from January to March?
Also, who ought I order from?
Any word on the Hot Toys Zod release date?

Thanks in advance!

You can't go wrong with Hot Toys! With Hot Toys there may be delays in production since they are in Hong Kong which is why they give a Quarter release date to vendors.

If you are going to pre-order I would recommend

I order all my Hot Toys products through them and they even have monthly payment plans as well.

Hope that helps.

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