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Default Re: (Speculation) Captain America III: Fallen Son (The Death of Captain America)?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
If I was Feige, or whoever's in charge, and I was seriously contemplating a Death of Cap/Bucky Takes the Reins scenario, I'd wait to see what the audience response to CATWS is first. If CATWS breaks big, it's likely to generate a much bigger fanbase for either Cap or Bucky. If it turns out that Sebastian Stan steals the show, then I'm sure a "Captain Bucky" transition would go a lot smoother. But if Chris Evans gets a substantially larger shot in the arm this go round than his previous outings --- as I believe will be the case --- then you can't kill him off just yet.
Well after TWS we would still have Evans in TA2, and CA3 (till he dies) and even TA3 if it's before cap 3 so he'd still have time to shine

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