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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
You expected a film about a post-Apocalyptic future where Mutants are being hunted to extinction by giant killer robots, as well as featuring a spiritually broken Xavier/ uber-ruthless Magneto in the past, to have upbeat music, REALLY? That would have been very tonally inappropriate to me.
Umm yes, sir. DOFP is also an action film.

Did you hear the music they used for the teaser of the teaser trailer? it was upbeat. And that music background made me more excited about the trailer.

And the mozart's requiem that they used in X2's trailer was upbeat too and its one of the things I liked about X2's trailer.

Just because bad things are happening in the film, it doesn't mean they can't use an upbeat sound especially for a trailer.

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