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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

I’m rooting for the film and for Singer, but the trailer was a little underwhelming. Maybe I’ve just become too accustomed to strongly stylized visuals, but the whole thing seemed pretty pedestrian to me. The new characters are just unknown actors in colorful make-up, the crowd scenes are kind of small, and the action comes off as mundane. It’s people being dragged through the ground, glass breaking, a flame, a gunshot or a stabbing here and there... Also, there’s the use of the Thin Red Line music, which I – and I assume many others – already associate with Man of Steel. The vibe of the thing was very dramatic, but the blandness of the visuals pulled it back. It definitely pales next to the First Class trailer – which was so awesome it even managed the feat of converting haters, I remember.


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