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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
If they wanted Avengers level hype, they've failed on every level. This is more of a The Dark Knight Rises type trailer. Great, since that is what the movie appears to be going for. And I loved TDKR for the most part.

But how do you get TDKR level box office? You need the good will of TDK, which this film doesn't have. No one is going to debate that FC was poorly executed film, but it wasn't on that level.

This movie has to give audiences a reason to care. It has to show the stakes. Right now, all people are going to get out of that is a bunch of obscure mutants hiding out in a temple for whatever reason. What future are we trying to avoid? I'd like to see the next trailer incorporate some of the inevitable monologue that will establish this dystopian future, so Joe Shmoe at least has something to work with. How and why are the mutants close to extinction so suddenly? Then you can transition to Trask's background and Trask Industries and US/government policy in 1973 to expand and why we are in this time and place.

I'm not a believer of giving the entire plot away in a trailer, let alone a teaser. But you got nothing to go by here to sell this thing beyond the established barometers, and have given audiences what they've already seen. Wolverine money shots are not going to cut it anymore. Older Magneto/Xavier teaming up. Mystique crying and getting all emotional (with some fancy gymnastics in between). That's repetition and it doesn't move the story forward or sell the movie.
But to get TDK level box office you needed the good will of Batman Begins which is comparable to First Class.

I'm not saying DOFP will match TDK's box office but it should experience a sizable increase from previous X-men movies.

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