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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
Does anyone else think that it would have made more sense for Goyer to tackle the Clark Kent persona from the start other than running away and setting up more problems than solutions in the created universe if we weren't going to get a true superman focused origin story?

With Clark working at the daily planet already (seeing that it's a non-issue for him to get a job there) and being friends with Lois or at least having an attraction to her could have made the romance way more believable and allow a more interesting dynamic when things unfolded later on. Also this would be a far more plausible way he could find out about the scout-ship other than just magically hearing strangers talk about it and supposedly picking up random jobs at the exact region where the ship is? This means that Clark would have continued to mope around for centuries searching for answers and not even think about becoming superman if he wasn't in Alaska (he could have been anywhere else), in a bar, overhearing strangers talk about something. If someone is so keen on looking out for any sign of alien life (to discover his mysterious origin and give himself desperately needed closure) or gaining current info (even if false) on anything strange, what other places are more perfect than The Daily Planet, a media house or the internet at least for a start?

Wouldn't it have been more interesting if Clark was longing to become human (forget about alien heritage) with each passing day of searching for answers (dead ends) and eventually ends up suppressing everything heroic about himself (turning his father's belief of the world isn't ready into.....I'm an abomination, outcast, curse etc.) and really feeling alone until Lois befriends him (sense of purpose) and eventually tells him about the thing in the ice she is secretly going to investigate. This way she means even more to him and she (a human) gave him hope in a time he needed it most. With this in mind he then steps in front of the human race not with a...."you're not ready or I'm not ready".... but with a..." I am ready ……this is who I am and this is what I am willing and ready to be in your presence......a Man of Steel." He discovers himself as a man but his heroic and alien nature eventually leads to him being known as Superman.
I think people would still complain especially if he is just Clark at the Planet and not saving people. With this version we see a man with the innate desire to use his powers for good.
It also creates a problem with the secret identity thing. If people at the Planet know him as Clark minus glasses how are they not recognizing him as Superman. I realize that the whole glasses thing is pretty stupid to begin with but it's more believable that Clark can fool people that never met Clark than Clark all of a sudden wearing glasses….which is one of my biggest problems with Smallville.

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