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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

7/10 for me.

It's alright but nothing to write home about. I'm sick of trailers using obviously overused music from other films that already have proved themselves(I'm also looking at you, MoS and the LOTR score). At least Zimmer's Time was less overused. Should have stuck with that. The new mutants in the future who I've got no idea about who they are seem more like high end cos players to me but we only see them for 3 seconds. Almost all of the shots of the future have that "obviously filmed on a set" look to them especially when contrasted with the 1973 scenes. And as if Wolverine wasn't a prima donna enough now he's gonna be mentoring Professor X(teach me, guide me, oh my lord and savior Wolverine...coolest of all that is cool... jeezus!). So all that I didn't care for. But the rest was innocuous enough and had emotion to it, especially McAvoy.

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