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Default Re: "BLINK and you might miss her!" - The Fan Bingbing Thread

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
To be fair, I'm not sure that you even could do the 100% translation from the comics and not have it look goofy. This is a good compromise.
Oh, I understand, trust me, I'm one of the first to defend stylistic choices in various superhero movies if it makes sense in context, but they do make full eye contacts, Sabretooth in X1 had 'em, but almost all people who have worn them say they are extremely uncomfortable to wear and visibility is really low, so if they're gonna make Blink real action-y like everyone expects, it will be hard to do if Fan Bingbing can't see to do it, so I'm fine with just the iris' being that bright green. And like I said, they still stand out and look cool, so the full eye thing didn't need to be done.

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