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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

I voted for Killer Croc in this thread, but the more I think of it, It would be awesome to have The Court of Owls featured in the next solo Batman film as well.

With the Court of Owls you could touch on Dick Grayson's past and slowly integrate Robin/Nightwing into the fold.

With The Court of Owls & Killer Croc the film could totally have a Horror/Mystery vibe to the storyline

I feel as though some of Batman's older villians have become a bit out dated and wouldn't really stand up in a film by themselves. A few examples would be The Riddler & The Penguin.

The Penguin is great as a small minor character to have. Bring in the Iceberg Lounge and have him in a cameo roll throughout the solo films, but as a major villain he just doesn't seem to be a major threat.

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