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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

I think Iron Man is overexposed in the sense of comparison between the Avengers characters. Who is more exposed to the masses, Iron Man or Captain America? Iron Man or Hulk? Iron Man or Thor? Iron Man or Black Widow?

So you see how her equal screentime doesn't mean much when while she is hopping gliders for her moment of awesome, Tony Stark is calling his girlfriend to say goodbye, saving Manhattan from a Nuke, defeating the Chitauri invasion and fulfilling the only discernable arc in the film?

Also, Iron Man's films are, so far, significantly better than the other solo heroes films. So Cap's one so-so film stands in stark contrast to Iron Man's great first solo outing, much less the other two he's had since then.

I do think that Captain America should have been on par with Iron Man in terms of quality and having a story arc in Avengers. I think that Thor and Hulk's films should have been more in line quality wise, though Thor was pretty close, imho. I think that kind of exposure not only would have made them a bigger force in Avengers, but would have made Avengers even better if Cap and Thor were directly creating/carrying the Avengers films, and not the other way around.

I do think Avengers found a half decent balance, though. Tony was the foremost character, but he wasn't the only incredibly awesome character, not by a long shot. The only person who wasn't notably awesome was Hawkeye, and he was still pretty cool.

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