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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

I hope its a one shot with Trevor, personally I want anything Iron Man, even if its an audition for the Mandarin,lol.
Going back to what has been said, I personally don't think Marvel needs to apologize for anything, the movie was really good, they made a heck of alot of money from it, if they want to go and make a second twist and say well, Trevor dooped you all, he really is the Mandarin, thats fine, but its not nesessary to go and make a short to make a few hardcore fans happy.
From conversations I have had with fellow Iron Man fans, is that Marvel launched a campaign where we saw and heard a bad a$$ Mandarin, one we as fans hoped for, and for 2/3 of the film we got a Mandarin that was looking like he could be the most evil villain Marvel had shown in the MCU to date, only to find out he was an actor, now to me, that really did not disappoint, it actually stayed true to the "real" feel of the MCU, where it would make sense that a group like AIM would invent what all americans fear a mastermind terrorist who could not be found and stopped, we live in a 24 hr news world now, and this version of Mandarin worked in the realistic MCU, least thats what the Iron Man films always felt like, yes, Extremis is a leap of faith, but not unrealistic that a someone would do genetic testing on someone to turn them into a bomb.
So, I welcome a one shot if true, but to me there is no reason to fix Mandarin, I mean if as I said it reveals that he played everyone and he was on fact the real Mandarin ok, but again, I was ok with the what was done.

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