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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

Originally Posted by neemer5 View Post
Rogue gives up her powers for her boyfriend. They break up. She regains her powers. She's upset, she's lonely, and she's messed up. She looks totally haggard. She's clearly a damaged, tortured soul. All I saw in those clips were mental pain and anguish.
Looks like her storyline is going to be very deep, complex and ultimately melancholy. I'm excited.

By the way, is she wearing a straight-jacket?
I agree. She looks changed in the clips, emotionally shut down. I expect the last 10 years have been horrible for her. The cure was a disaster, so was her relationship, her relationships with the others have probably been effected by it all and then she's been hunted and locked up.

She will be a changed woman.

Originally Posted by Mars123 View Post
Ooooo Rogue is definitely one of the Most interesting character ATM, purely as she seems to be the one of the spoiler of the series. Can't wait to see her.
I reckon we already know Rogue's role. Because if it is how we think it is then she can't be talked about because she is pivotal to the plot.

Originally Posted by Melapi View Post
I hope that's true.

Do you guys realize that this is possibly the nearest we ever were from watchig her saving the day since X2 and the jet??? And that little scenes was 10 years ago (Suddenly I feel old).
Rogue may not be happy to Iceman or Magneto but she'd help Wolverine and the plan. It's not like she will care about wiping out her current life anyway.

Her being the hero is long overdue and it looks like she finally will be. It seems she might be the difference between them all getting killed by the Sentinels and saving Mutant kind

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