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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by OsGom View Post
A decade ago I was a staunch defender of Singerís vision for the Xmen franchise because I recognized the challenges of adapting the source material from comic books into a coherent theatrical interpretation. Certainly I didnít agree with the casting of a 6ft pretty boy as Wolverine and some of his choices in direction were questionable but overall I enjoyed Singerís films.
However, following the cinematic travesty that was X3 and its blasphemous handling of one of the greatest Xmen story arcs, the Dark Phoenix Saga, along with a Wolverine: Origins that was weak at best, I am naturally disillusioned.
I understand that Singer didnít helm either film but they were still reflections of his original vision. First Class was a positive step forward that was quickly erased by The Wolverine.
Now we have another classic Xmen storyline on that is clearly being adapted as another Wolverine-centric film, sacrificing the importance of other, just as interesting Xmen. I like the Wolverine character, but he has been overused in the Singer franchise.
The Xmen has always been a team of strong characters and Singerís choice to focus on this character almost exclusively has soured me on his vision. One of the things that I appreciated most about First Class was Wolverine was only in it for his 10 second cameo.
Days of Future Past appears to me to be headed in the direction of another X3. Iíll check it out when it hits DVD but Iím going to pass on seeing it in the theater.
Iwill make this simple Bryan SInger is no Brett ratner.This trailer is far superior to anything from last stand.

This Is laregly an Xavier and Magneto story.Wolverine's role Is going on the mission.

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