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Default Re: Should DOFP be used to reboot the X-Men franchise?

I said yes. It would be a very intriguing way to reboot a franchise. Rather than the normal way of just forgetting what happens in the previous films. DoFP becomes something of a sendoff in the way of Doctor Who or something of the like.

It'd be as if Madame Webb was speaking to Tobey Maguire about "how things couldve been" and then sending his more confident self post-SM3 into his younger (Andrew Garfield) body to defeat Oscorp. idk. lol

Either way, reading OP's thoughts makes me even more hopeful than I was about DoFP. Perhaps after X-Force, we can see Xavier lead the real first class, the original 5 against a Magneto/Mystique led brotherhood who are none-the-wiser about the events in the future. hmmm...

Could be fun.

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