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Default Re: Should DOFP be used to reboot the X-Men franchise?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
The dark knight rises has many critics of it.Nobody wanted to continue on from batman & Robin.

Many longtime trek fans don't like Into darkness.And they didn't like nemesis

Moonraker was just as panned as Die another day was and bond series wasn't rebooted then.

The Dark Knight Rises was the result of a reboot and it's one of the highest rated movies of its genre on RT as well as one of the highest grossing. Ditto for Star Trek Into the Darkness and Skyfall.

Die Another Day made 432 m WW, after the reboot the average Bond movie made 750 m WW. That's a huge increase with or without inflation. So maybe they should've rebooted after Moonraker.

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