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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Well, I just traded in most of my Xbox games today and used the credit to purchase a PS3 console (500GB + GTA5 bundle). I have a newbie question: When I logged into the game for the first time, it asks me to fill in several info such as timezone and language. But it also asks me to create an User ID name for the console. Is that the name I'll be using for PSN? If not, then can I create a name without registering with PSN first? Thanks.
Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I see. So, the User ID name can be anything I want it to be, then after getting into the main menu then I can create a PSN ID name from there? And can I change the name later, or is it permanent?
yeah. The PSN ID is permanent which I think sucks. It should be like the XBOX Live system, where you can change it for a fee.

as for the User ID, you can name it whatever you want, but for simplicity/consistency, I just use the same name as my PSN ID.

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