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Default Re: Should Marvel Get The Rights Back To All It's Characters?

Disney is a bigger company than Fox and Sony, so they could put Marvel properties on various mediums, and create a multitude of Marvel Movie Universes. They already have the live action universe with the MCU, but they could easily build a separate Marvel Universe: an Animated Film Universe to connect to their other Disney Animated films and Big Hero 6 kicks off that next year. Other animated options could easily include Power Pack and Runaways. Plus there's also Pixar. Pixar could easily acquire the film rights to Power Pack or Runaways and make it animated if they wanted to.

Speaking of Pixar, I do hope we see "The Incredibles 2" someday. I did read an interview back in May with Brad Bird who said he has some ideas for Incredibles 2, but needs to put them together and see if the ideas are the right fit. It may be the reason I don't see Pixar hoping on the Marvel bandwagon yet. And it would be neat to hear SLJ as Frozone again while also playing Nick Fury, all within Disney.

And surprisingly, the one Disney Superhero film I want to see the most isn't any live action MCU film, it's The Incredibles 2 if it happens. It may be why Pixar has yet to hop onto Marvel.

RIP Vartha!

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