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Default Re: ** TEASER TRAILER Thread - Countdown: Tuesday 29! [First snippet!]

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
We are absolutely living in a bubble. Not just on this site but across the entire online fanboy community.

We almost always seem to think that the reactions we see across our community on the net are an exact correlation to the reaction the general public will have when that couldn't be any further from the truth.

The fanboy community makes up a measly percentage of the actual viewing audience for this stuff.
Exactly. You can tell from this trailer that it won't work on a certain section of fans even if fans like it (unfortunately). Anyways the next trailer might be the one that knocks it out the park and wows all different kinds of viewers. This same trailer with action shots of all the X-Men for a minute or so at the end would do that so it can easily be done.

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