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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by StrainedEyes View Post
The new faq still says PSN IDs can not be changed, so think long and hard before making one.
Oh I've got one already which isn't terrible but I wanted to change maybe both my gamertag and PSN ID to be the same. Wouldn't be losing much as I did more of my PS3 playing on my friend's PS3 (without using my PSN ID)anyway rather than my own. I assume that if I create a new one there won't be any problem even if I'm using it on someone else's console most of the time? This time I want to get trophies on the exclusive games or some games I might want to play twice like Destiny.

I wonder why they didn't change the name change policy to match Microsoft. If possible they could make money out of it (MSFT charges 800 MSP each time and I have some friends that have been through quite a few name changes) while helping out some gamers. Maybe it's something on the coding side.

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